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Joint and Survivor Annuity: Qualified and Non-Qualified

I'm glad you joined me for this blog. It's on joint and survivor annuity. And for whatever reason, that verbiage has survived. We're going to talk about it so that Martha and Chester can understand it. That's my fictitious people that you know tell you, "Hey, Stan, what's a joint and survivor annuity?"  >> READ MORE

How Do Annuity Payouts Work?

Someone asked a great question: "How do annuity payouts work?" "Hey, Stan, I thought all annuities were the same. Hey, Stan, this guy on television said, 'I hate all annuities.' Hey, Stan, my broker, advisor, and master of the universe said never to look at annuities."  >> READ MORE

The Scarlet Letter A: Shootin' It Straight With Stan

Today's topic is a heady one, one that will make you scratch your head a little bit and go, "Man, Stan, I didn't know you were that smart. I didn't know you were that well-read. My goodness."  >> READ MORE

Annuity RMD: Who Cares Other Than the Ultra Rich

Today we are talking about annuity RMDs. Who cares about that other than the ultra-rich people with these huge IRAs, etc.? I saw something the other day where the amount of people whose 401ks and IRAs have gone past a million dollars is a lot, and it is a boatload, as they say.  >> READ MORE

Roth IRA Annuity: Are the payments taxed?

The question of the day is sent in from one of our subscribers from our Stan The Annuity Man YouTube. The question is, "When you said fund from an IRA or other sources, is my understanding correct that funding from a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA is not a taxed event?"  >> READ MORE

Market Needles or Annuity Haystacks: Shootin' It Straight With Stan

Great topic today. It's a head-scratcher, and it's going to make you think. The topic is Market Needle or Annuity Haystack.  >> READ MORE

Monthly Annuity Calculator: How Much Do You Need to Pay Yourself

How much do you need to pay yourself? How much will an annuity for lifetime income pay using our calculators? Both are great questions.  >> READ MORE

Annuities Risk: How Annuities Transfer Risk

Today we'll be talking about how annuities transfer risk. Annuities are insurance policies, and insurance companies exist to make a profit. That is absolutely correct.  >> READ MORE

Fly First Class or Your Kids Will: Shootin' It Straight With Stan

Today's topic's a good one; it hits close to home but might also hit close to home with you. It's called Fly First Class or Your Kids Will.  >> READ MORE

Fixed Index Annuities Pros and Cons

Today's topic is Fixed Index Annuities, pros, and cons. I'm telling you, anytime the market's gyrating a little bit, and now that COVID is lifted a little bit, you're starting to get those invitations in the mail to go to the local, very nice, high-end restaurant to have the steak dinner or chicken dinner or whatever you decide to order.  >> READ MORE