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Is a Pension Plan Just a Good ‘Ole Annuity?

Yep. A pension plan is an annuity payment that guarantees a lifetime income stream. Now, it depends on your employer and how they've set things up.  >> READ MORE

Retirement Annuity: What Is the Best?

The annuity industry has done a poor job educating the public on the history of the product dating back to the Roman Times, and the unique benefit proposition that only annuities can provide.  >> READ MORE

Types of Annuities: What Are The Best?

What is the best type of annuity? That’s a good question. But in the annuity world, there are no perfect answers, just bad sales pitches.  >> READ MORE

Transfer 401k to Annuity: Should You?

With over 10,000 baby boomers reaching retirement age every single day, many of these retiring workers are asking questions like “Can I move my 401k without penalty?” and “Should I transfer my 401k to an annuity.”  >> READ MORE

Retirement Annuity: Do You Need One?

Approaching retirement? Have you considered your options? Let me help you out with that. Read this blong and give me a call we'll get it figured out.  >> READ MORE

Lifetime Income: How Does It Work?

Lifetime income sounds pretty nice if you ask me. Of course there's always more to it than how it sounds. All is explained here.  >> READ MORE

Immediate Annuity Rates: Defer to SPIA Strategy

It’s kind of sad that the annuity category is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance during this Coronavirus crisis.  >> READ MORE

Deferred Income Annuity: How Does It Work?

Deferred Income Annuities (DIAs) are continuing to grow in popularity because they are a personal pension plan with you determining when the payments start.  >> READ MORE

What Are Annuities Currently Paying?

No one wants to be scammed. Especially when it involves getting paid. Knowing what annuities are currently paying ease those thoughts.  >> READ MORE

Coronavirus Economy | Using Fear To Sell Annuities

Coronavirus is impacting the economy so much. Because of that some agents are using that fear to get you to buy something you don't need. Call me and I'll clear things up.  >> READ MORE