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What Is A 1035 Exchange Transfer

For people that enjoy reading the IRS tax code in their spare time, I would encourage you to flip to section 1035 and read about life insurance and annuity transfers.  >> READ MORE

The 15 Biggest Mistakes When Buying Annuities - Part 3

Today we are finishing up our series on the 15 biggest mistakes people make when considering annuities or buying annuities, and we've done one through five and five through 10. Now we're going to do 11 through 15.  >> READ MORE

Fake Annuity News: Shootin' It Straight With Stan

We are familiar with fake news. That's fake news; this is fake news, and what we've found out as a country is obvious bias with the news.  >> READ MORE

The 15 Biggest Mistakes When Buying Annuities - Part 2

Let’s get into it with number six. The sixth biggest mistake I see people make when buying annuities is being pressured into signing the paperwork.  >> READ MORE

The 15 Biggest Mistakes When Buying Annuities - Part 1

Great topic. It was requested by a very high-level person in the industry because they wanted my take on it. What are the top 15 biggest mistakes people make when buying, or at least thinking about, annuities? In this blog I’ll explain the first five of the fifteen.  >> READ MORE

Retire from Both Your Job and The Markets | Shootin' It Straight with Stan

So glad that you joined me for this timely topic that's going to make a lot of people mad and make a lot of people question things, but it will make total sense when you hear it. The title is "When you Retire, You Need to Retire from Both Your Job, Your Work, and The Markets," so you got to retire from two things, work and the markets.  >> READ MORE

Why Are Income Riders Paying More Than Deferred Income Annuities?

An interesting topic today comes directly from my interactions with people on the phone. This topic is why are income riders currently paying more contractually than Deferred Income Annuities?  >> READ MORE

How Annuities Address Social Security and Inflation

Let's talk about how annuities and social security can address inflation, the gorilla in the room, what everyone's talking about.  >> READ MORE

Your Principal Protection Trifecta: Shootin' It Straight with Stan

Today's topic is your principal protection trifecta. I'm talking about right now in volatile times, and there's always going to be volatile times, but there are pending wars right now, there's inflation, there's market volatility, there are elections coming up, there's always elections coming up, and people that are retiring are tired of it.  >> READ MORE

Single Premium Immediate Annuities - Explained

What is a Single Premium Immediate Annuity? How does it work? Should you own one? We're going to dive into many things concerning single premium immediate annuities.  >> READ MORE