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Why Democrats Love Annuities

Video previously published on September 16, 2020

The blue states. Why do annuities fit into the mantra of Democrats? Democrats are passionate and it’s spilling over into the streets. Democrats and Republicans have common ground on more things than not and maybe annuities can show us where we agree on things.

But, in this video let’s just talk about why Democrats in general love annuities. Bottomline Democrats love annuities because they want families to stay together and have lifetime income. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the reasons I think why:

  • Democrats love social security and that’s the best inflation annuity on the planet
  • Democrats love unions and companies that provide pensions
  • Democrats love lifetime income stream.
  • Democrats work hard for their money and they love to protect their principal
  • Democrats love the elderly and love the baby boomers hitting retirement age everyday have healthcare
  • Democrats love for people to have healthcare and annuities can provide for long-term care
  • Democrats love life insurance because they want to be able to transfer wealth to their heirs.

Maybe Stan the Annuity Man® should run for office, and I bring everyone together with annuities. Maybe annuities could be the glue? We’re all different, but we have common goals. We all care about our families and taking care of the people around us. The arguments are always about, “How are we going to pay for it and how are we going to get there?” Let’s just start with annuities for all and go from there. Political Kumbaya.

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