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Fun With Annuities - Leah Brandt

084 Leah Brandt: The Woman CEO Running The Annuity Man

Fun With Annuities Podcast Celebrity Series

November 23, 2021

About Fun With Annuities Episode #84

Welcome to the Fun With Annuities podcast, the one, and only LEAH BRANDT. Uh, who's that, you ask? She's the CEO/Director of Operations for The Annuity Man, LLC.

Let's talk about the title of this episode quickly because I don't want to speed past the fact she is a woman CEO in the annuity industry. With 32 years in annuities, she's forgotten more about this niche than most of us in the industry know, and that includes me. She is behind the scenes, but let me be clear, she is running this machine. Leah oversees everything from customer relations, the website, the videos, the podcasts, and our terrific team of employees. She gives me the freedom to focus on my strengths, like working one-on-one with clients and feeding my creativity as a content monster for the annuity industry.

Leah has been with me from the start. It was just her and me. We took the risks. We made the hard decisions. And, we had zero idea how the business would explode. Wowza. Hiring her was the best business decision I've ever made. Together, we've skyrocketed The Annuity Man to hockey stick/straight-up growth that seems to have no ceiling.

Leah breaks down our philosophy with this, "Annuities don't have to be sold. They can be bought. If you give enough education… answer enough questions… you don't have to try and be pitching anything."

I consider Leah, a friend, and her family is my family.

It was fun to look back and share stories about how we got started and some of the unique events and decisions that molded The Annuity Man into America's Annuity Agent and industry leader in the direct-to-consumer annuity space. When you combine a crazy outgoing visionary (me) with a mad-smart pragmatic leader (Leah), the winner is the annuity consumer. Both of us come from humble beginnings and are passionate about putting the client's best interests first. I get asked all the time how The Annuity Man is growing so fast and do we do everything we do week after week. Now you know - Leah.

I so enjoyed this podcast interview with my everyday annuity celebrity co-host. After this, it's going to be a son-of-a-gun to keep all you annuity lovers from blowing up her inbox.

Celebrity Co-Host Leah Brandt has her own bio page here.

In this episode, The Annuity Man and Leah Brandt discuss:  

  • Seeing things from the client’s perspective 
  • When annuities are bought 
  • Making annuities easier to understand 
  • Never doing things in moderation 

Key Takeaways:  

  • If you want to provide excellent service, always ask yourself what you would want if you were the client or what you would want to know if it was your money. How do you want to be guided, if you were the one going through the annuity-buying process? Put yourself in the client’s shoes, put their interests ahead of yours.  
  • You don’t have to pitch annuities to clients if you are able to educate, inform, give examples, answer enough questions and if you treat people like they are professionals.  
  • Practice the skill of being able to talk about your product in a way where it can be understood easily, because if it can be understood easily, then there’d be one less barrier towards purchase.  
  • You’ve already heard people talk about not being half-hearted when it comes to serving others, but that’s kind of a half-hearted statement compared to this: when it comes to service of others, adapt the mindset of never doing things in moderation. 

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