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091 Leah Brandt: Secrets Behind the Application Process With The Annuity Man

Fun With Annuities Podcast Celebrity Series

January 11, 2022

About Fun With Annuities Episode #91

It's here. The Fun With Annuities podcast for all our annuity-loving super fans. You THINK you know annuities, and then you meet this week's co-host. Welcome back to the mic, Leeeeeeeeaaaaah Brandt, CEO/Director of Operations for The Annuity Man, LLC. She runs this show. It all started with wet paper, and apps were 1-2 pages. And it was all snail mail. It felt like foreeeeevvvveeerrrr to process your contractual guarantee. So is faster better? Is digital better? We love it, and in this FWA epi we lay out all the details. Why do we do these "behind the magic curtain" podcasts? Because player, you are trusting us with your retirement income. You need to know what is and what isn't. We are side by side with you, and we have zero to hide. 

"The comment I get quite a bit is, ‘Wow, that was way easier than I thought it was going to be!’ When doing an application, there are a lot of pages to do, but you don't have to do them yourself. We're doing the pages. We're just asking you questions and you're answering them." —  Leah Brandt


We never, ever share or sell your information. Not ever. 

About 90% of our application meetings are now done on video chat via zoom. This actually makes it easier for you and us – because you can see our screen and watch us go through the application process step by step and ask questions right then and there. There are more than 700 ways to slice and dice annuities these days. IT'S A LOT. And the ringmaster of that crazy circus is Leah. She is a rockstar when it comes to the industry's inner workings, whether you choose a MYGA, QLAC, SPIA, DIA, FIA, or Income Rider. 

Believe it or not, the industry is rapidly catching up to the digital virtual way of life because of COVID, so most of these processes are new and still developing. Some of the process stages are still old school and at the pace of the particular carrier. Regardless though, Leah and her team at The Annuity Man work for you and are here to make it as easier for you as possible. 

PS- The last 10 minutes, Leah shares precisely where she thinks the industry is headed - and where it's not. Usually, this is the part of the show where I invite you to ask me your questions, but I'm gonna punt this one to Leah. Got questions? Head on over to the FWA YouTube channel and hop in the comments with your questions. Betcha you can't stump her. 

Celebrity Co-Host Leah Brandt has her own bio page here.

In this episode, The Annuity Man discusses: 

  • How the application process has changed with changing and evolving technologies.
  • Putting your trust and money with the carrier (and choosing your carrier wisely).
  • Time frames on buying an annuity.
  • Frustrations in the application and annuity process.
  • The future of direct-to-consumer annuities.  

Key Takeaways:

  • All of your information is kept secure and is only seen by the people who need to see it.
  • Utilizing Zoom for a video call makes everything secure and easier for everyone involved in the annuity application process.
  • With qualified funds, it must transfer from company to company with the correct forms.
  • Insurance companies are trying to make it easier, but they tend to be slower about it. The process may take a bit longer than you think it is going to take. 

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