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Here Comes Stan-a-Claus, Right Down Annuity Lane

'Tis the season to shop! We're blazin' to Christmas and the end of 2020. Dang. Talk about a year packed with some Grinchy. And right now, you're being sold by every business, their friends and foes. Our mailboxes and inboxes, social feeds, radios, and tv screens are a "buy this" and "buy that" frenzy. Add in a dash of the end of the year look backs, and you might be starting to feel like you're in that Instant Pot on the kitchen counter.

Welcome to the sales-free zone, right in the St. Nick of time. Peruse this week's magazine at your leisure. Did you know that not only do we package up and send you the magazine via email, but you can also access it on our website all week long here? This issue has something for everyone's wish list. We talk about SPIAs, DIAs, QLACs, Life Insurance, Taxes, Death Benefits, MYGAs and more. Bonus: We pitched in on an awesome guest article about Long Term Care for Elliot Raphaelson's column, "The Savings Game." True, my content style is more Christmas Eve/Sarajevo than Silent Night but for me, geeking out over the details of a good annuity is a relaxing and a-rockin' around the Christmas tree way to unwind.

I’m not a good source for fruitcake recipes or hot buys on a smart TV, but if the other big box annuity shops make you feel like your chestnuts are roasting on an open fire…snag a spot on my calendar.

C’mon that was funny right? Happy Holiday ha ha ha,


Annuity Products | SPIA is a DIA is a QLAC

There are many annuity products, and understanding which one fits best with your specific situation is an important step to your retirement plan. Book a call!


Annuity vs Life Insurance | Which Is Better?

Nov 30, 2020

Annuity vs Life Insurance can be a hot topic. Which is contractually better for your specific situation? Get the books and read this article to clear it all up!


033: Annuities vs. Life Insurance: Which is Better & How Do They Differ?

In This Episode:

  • How life insurance and annuities differ, despite being sold by the same companies.
  • The variance in the death benefits between life insurance and annuities.
  • Ways in which life insurance and annuities can work together.
  • Knowing what your goal is when buying life insurance and annuities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Annuities are issued by life insurance companies, but annuities and life insurance are different in terms of strategy, contractual guarantee, and transfer of risk.
  • Life insurance is the best return on investment that you’re never going to see because you’ll be dead.
  • Annuities and life insurance are both unique in their categories - life insurance is the only product that provides a tax-free, lump-sum death benefit that passes outside of probate and annuities are the only product on the planet that can provide a lifetime income stream and pay regardless of how long you live.
  • Annuities and life insurance are both contracts.

"You really should buy life insurance for the tax-free death benefit." – The Annuity Man


The Savings Game: Chances are you’ll need long-term care. How will you fund it?

Dec 3, 2020

This recent article from November 24, 2020, “The Savings Game: Chances are you’ll need long-term care. How will you fund it?” covers the often controversial and misunderstood world of long-term care (LTC) from the financial standpoint.

Top 7 MYGA Videos Packaged Up and Served Up

Nov 26, 2020

In your search of the best annuity to get, you may have stumbled upon multi-year guaranteed annuity (MYGA for short). But what is it? How does it differ from bank certificate deposits? In this video, I tell you all there is to know about MYGA before taking the leap.