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If You Open One Email, Make It This One

Wow. THE Wade Pfau joined me on the mic this week for FWA #78. He absolutely would be on the “Retirement Planning Mt. Rushmore” if there were one. He is brilliant, groundbreaking, and ahead of his time.

Just like I say over, and over, and over that there is NOT ONE BEST ANNUITY, Wade drives it home that there is also NOT ONE BEST RETIREMENT PLAN. It seems obvious, but man, I get hit up all the time for the best rate, the best carrier, the best time, the best way….all the bests. Y’all want nothing BUT the best – and well, you deserve that. We all work our buns off to have the best we can for ourselves and our families.

This means that not every blog, video, or podcast I do is necessary for you. That’s why my team helps me send you this email every week, so you can shop the latest content and read/watch/listen to what suits you and your situation.

Except for this podcast. I want EVERYONE to carve out 57 minutes to watch this episode about Retirement Income Style Awareness (RISA) 

Wade and I went into depth about how we as consumers are trying to understand all of the options and opportunities to secure financial independence to do what we’re passionate about and live a retirement with purpose. Be prepared to answer, “Who are you?”

PS- This week marks the 1-Year Anniversary of our Annuity Lifestyle Magazine e-newsletter. Thank you annuity lovers for clicking and connecting.

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