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Your Annuity Questions Answered and Then Some

Holy frickin' annuity-molies! These past few weeks, you've probably noticed we're shifting gears a little at Stan The Annuity Man. Don't freak out, my annuity lovers – it's all for good. Let's get this part out of the way. What's not going to change is the fact that I will always shoot it to you straight with a brutal arrow of truth. I will not be your best friend, but I will be your best annuity financial advisor.

Whether you've been here since the beginning or this is your first week here, you've seen that we're an edutainment machine. At your disposal in our annuity content library are 7 books, 300+ YouTube videos, 56 podcasts, 29 weeks of Annuity Lifestyle Magazine, and hundreds of blogs and articles on my website and/or as a guest columnist on other financial websites. So I challenged my crew, "How can we be more of service? How do we crush it?"

Drumroll please . . .

Their answer is more of you, the audience, more financial pros, and less Stan. Yep. You heard me right. It's no longer gonna be me, me , me in the spotlight all day, every day. Why? We're leveling up our commitment to our readers, watchers, listeners, and somewhat super fan stalkers (but in a good way). We know we have to be more accessible and go broader with our circle of influence to be of service to you. You're thinking, great speech Stan, but what does that mean? So glad you asked. This week marks the 4th co-hosted Fun With Annuities podcast with THE Paul Merriman. Moving forward, this is the new format so we can bring it for all things annuities and retirement income adjacent. I'm stoked about the guests we've already got in the pipeline and can't wait for you to learn what I have learned from these badass to the bone financial pros.

Drumroll again, please . . .

Last Saturday, we launched our first The Annuity Man LIVE Q&A and answered your questions live and on the fly. It's cool if you missed it because you can see the replay and all the details here. And, we'll be doing these quarterly, so get your questions ready. Don’t want to wait? Email me your question now at

Buckle up. There's more coming.

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