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Because COVID seems to be in the rear-view mirror, the bad chicken dinner and expensive steak seminar invitations are hitting your mailbox now more than ever. My recent YouTube Video, about Swallowing the Food Not The Sales Pitch, addresses this horrific marketing practice that too many agents and advisors still use to attract one-size-fits-all sales. If you don’t know who the sucker is, it might be you. Don’t let that happen. Be a professional plate licker and eat for free.

My Fun With Annuities podcast filled the room with IQ this week when celebrity guests Steve Vernon & Naomi Karp joined me to proactively discuss how to address cognitive decline for yourself or a loved one. This is something we all need to plan for, and Steve & Naomi have created a free site that can help you get started. All of our eventual cognitive declines are a hard subject to come to grips with, which is why this podcast is so important. Share this one with family and friends.

People were surprisingly stunned when my Shootin’ It Straight With Stan video, “IBond No Brainer,” recommended that you consider buying IBonds. You can only buy IBonds directly from the Treasury, but it’s a good deal and something you should explore. The only downside is that you can’t wack IBonds with a lot of money. Send your hate mail for that premium limitation to DC because they are the ones who set these crazy rules.

Keep an eye out for our NEW upcoming series called Q&A Friday on the Stan The Annuity Man YouTube Channel. Every Friday, I will take one annuity question from my comments, emails, and calls and hammer it as only I can do. I can’t wait to knock these questions out of the park on a weekly basis.

Dont forget to check out my Live Event TODAY on YouTube. If you want to be able to leave comments that I answer live, make sure you are logged into your YouTube account! See you there with all the facts, as usual.

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