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Fun With Annuities® Podcast The Annuity Man® brings his brutally factual blend of education and entertainment to the world of annuities. Learn everything about the annuity category on your terms and time frame, with no sales pitches.

Author of 7 books on annuities, The Annuity Man® will explain all annuity types in detail and dive deep into unique contractually guaranteed transfer of risk strategies that can be applied to your specific situation.


Rick Ferri: Core-4 Portfolios for Simplistic Success


  • Heather Schreiber: Social Security Hacks & Insider Secrets
  • Roger Whitney: How To Rock Your Retirement
  • Mark Skousen: Achieving True Freedom With Your Investments

Dana Anspach: Be Aware of Financial Biases

Episode 108

So happy to welcome back Dana Anspach to the Fun With Annuities podcast. She is one of the top fee-only financial planners in the U.S., and the founder of Sensible Money, LLC.

Ted Benna: The Inside Scoop From The Founder Of The 401k

Episode 107

There are not too many people that can say they changed the majority of American's lives for the better, and be able to show a dollar figure to prove it. Ted Benna is one of those unique people.

Amanda-Jo Wilt: Making The Most of the Years You Have Left with "The Boomer Nutritionist"

Episode 106

Having money and being financially secure is a great thing. But if you don’t feel good, it really doesn’t matter.

Steve Vernon: How To Avoid Going Broke in Retirement

Episode 105

Steve Vernon is one of the most sought-after retirement experts in the country.

Paul Merriman: 7 Things You Should Be Doing With Your Retirement Portfolio

Episode 104

Paul Merriman’s 60-year legacy of helping people with their money is unmatched.

Peggy Nicholson: Preparing for Death Without All The Information You Need

Episode 103

Margaret “Peggy” Nicholson is one of a kind. A unicorn. She might be the most unique celebrity guest host of all the guests I’ve had on my Fun With Annuities podcast.

Charles Rotblut: What Individual Investors Need To Succeed

Episode 102

Charles Rotblut is a Vice President and Financial Analyst at the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) and the editor of the AAII Journal.

101 Andy Panko: Financial Planning Demystified and Unemotional

Episode 101

When Andy Panko started Tenon Financial in 2019, he designed the flat-fee-based firm exactly how he thought a retirement planning advisory service should work.

100 Michael Finke: Retirees Should Calculate to Not Be a Loser

Episode 100

Once again, Michael Fincke brings the factual goods to my “Fun With Annuities” podcast.