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Inflation Options with Annuity Retirement Calculators

Today's topic is how to use annuity retirement calculators and use SPIAs, DIAs, and QLAC for inflation. On my site, you can run quotes 24/7 365.  >> READ MORE

Financial Advice: Racism & The Classism Crisis: Shootin' It Straight with Stan

I'm talking about advisors targeting people for their skin color or their working-class situation and if they're not up on all things financial. It's driving me crazy.  >> READ MORE

Replay: Live Q&A - Income Planning Tools For Retirement May 2022

Recorded: Saturday, May 14 at 12 p.m. EST. Stan The Annuity Man kicked off the Live Q&A discussing income planning tools for retirement.  >> READ MORE

Getting Retirement Cash Flow From SPIAs

Let's talk about Single Premium Immediate Annuities, acronym SPIA, S-P-I-A, the oldest annuity type.  >> READ MORE

How To Buy an Annuity: What You Need To Know

Let's talk about how to buy an annuity. First of all, you might not need an annuity. Oh, spoiler. Huh?  >> READ MORE

Squeezing Annuity Yield: Shootin' It Straight with Stan

Just like squeezing a fresh juicy orange we're gonna talk about squeezing annuity yields in today's Shootin' It Straight with Stan. Check it out to understand the metaphor.  >> READ MORE

Fixed Indexed Annuities Explained

What is a Fixed Indexed Annuity? It's simple; it’s a fixed annuity. It's regulated at the state level but an FIA Fixed Indexed Annuity. F-I-A is the acronym introduced in 1995 to compete with CD returns.  >> READ MORE

3 Big Retirement Withdrawal Mistakes

So what are the three big retirement withdrawal mistakes? Let's go through them quickly, and then I'm going to dig in  >> READ MORE

Having Annuity Companies Buy Bonds for You: Shootin' It Straight with Stan

Today's topic is unique, and when I told my CEO, She was like, "I don't know about that one." The topic is having annuity companies buy bonds for you.  >> READ MORE

Annuity Examples: Lifetime Income Annuity Choices

We're talking about lifetime income choices using annuities. You're already a member of the annuity income family. You're aware of it.  >> READ MORE